Culinary Carton Delivers Food Boxes for Home Cooking Excellence

cuinarySt. Kilda East, Australia – June 9, 2015 – Eating healthy can be a time and labor intensive process, but not with food boxes delivered by Culinary Carton. The firm combines fresh ingredients and exciting recipes developed by Chef Paul Tyas and delivers them directly to clients, allowing them to experience world-class cuisine from the comfort of home.
Those who appreciate fine food can browse Culinary Carton’s menu each week and choose the food box that they desire. Individuals can select a meat, vegetarian, or meat and vegetarian option. The service enables individuals to customize their box based on the number of people for which they’ll be cooking, when they need it delivered, and by full or trial subscription service.
Each culinary food box includes pre-measured portions and all the ingredients to create the dishes included on the menu for a complete meal in less than 35 minutes. Each menu features fresh, seasonal produce and step-by-step recipe instructions for nutrition culinary creations at a cost of just $9.99 per meal.
Depending upon the selected food box, individuals can experience the flavors and combinations of exotic meats, vegetables, pasta dishes and traditional favorites made in new ways. Shoppers can peruse the week’s menu in detail through downloadable PDF files and all food is shipped in specially refrigerated boxes to remain fresh.
Cooking well is a talent and chefs elevate that ability to an art form. Culinary Carton is like having a personal chef in the home kitchen, providing healthy, perfectly proportioned serving sizes for flavorful cuisine that’s also healthy. Selections are often limited for those living a vegetarian lifestyle, but Culinary Carton takes special care to address the needs of vegans as well as meat lovers.
There’s never any need to plan a menu, drive to the market, or take time from a busy schedule to shop. A Culinary Carton eliminates the time consuming tasks associated with preparing healthy and tasty meals. The food boxes come with all the ingredients and finishing touches needed for home cooks to turn out meals comparable to those served in high-end restaurants, but at a fraction of the cost.
Culinary Carton is the simple way to experience mouthwatering cuisine without shopping. Food boxes and complete preparation and cooking instructions are delivered to subscribers’ door according to their own schedule for convenience. Menu selections are the creations of a world-class chef, providing discerning diners with palate pleasing taste.
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Fibreglass Filtration Systems Offer Environmental Bonuses

indexA fibreglass pool filter utilize sand to filter water for swimming pools and spas. They’re efficient, effective and use nature’s natural filtration material to keep pools and spas sparkling clean and healthy. Discount Pool Shop offers different sizes of Aquatek sand-based fibreglass filters to meet a variety of needs.

The filters employ silica sand, one of the most common substances in the world. Silica sand is utilized in the glass making process, for moulds and castings, and provides superior filtration properties for pools and spas. It’s widely available, inexpensive and is commonly used in municipal filtration plants to supply potable drinking water to residents in cosmopolitan locations.
In a sand-based fibreglass filtration system, water is forced through the filter. The sand traps contaminants and foreign matter, and the cleaned water is returned to the pool. When it becomes necessary to clean the filter, the flow of water is reversed in a process known as backwashing. The cleaned sand is rinsed, packed back into the fibreglass filter and continues to perform its normal function.

The firm’s fibreglass filters feature a sight glass that allows individuals to monitor the water for cleaning and to ensure the backwashing process was performed properly. Aquatek filters are specifically developed and designed to withstand harsh climatic conditions and cold European winters. They’re compact, lightweight and feature 360-degree rotation for convenience.

Fibreglass filters are appropriate for use with in-ground, above ground and solar heated pools. The filters hinder the growth of bacteria, a major concern for pools and spas that see a lot of use throughout the season. They typically don’t have to be cleaned as often as other types and the sand can provide exemplary service for up to five years before any material must be added.
The sand contained in a fibreglass filter acts as a strainer and is one of the most environmentally conscious solutions available. Sand is a filtering medium that’s been recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a superior method for filtering surface water, calling it the cheapest, simplest and most efficient method for treating water. In homes and businesses, the fibreglass sand-based filters offer economy, savings and a method that’s earth-friendly.
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Botanic Horticulture: The Garden Clean-up and Maintenance Specialists


A garden has the ability to provide healthy sustenance for the body and food for the soul in the form of flowers and herbs. Gardens can provide hours of fun and profit, but they can also require a significant time investment. Botanic Horticulture is a premiere provider of garden maintenance services, allowing clients to enjoy the fruits of their labor without the back-breaking work.

The company’s team of professionals works with residential and commercial clients of all sizes with multiple types of gardens. The firm offers expertise for gardens ranging from edibles, flowers and herbs to ponds, lawns and forestation. The work isn’t done once planting is completed and the firm has the resources and knowledge to address any maintenance dilemma.

Maintaining a picture perfect garden on dry land encompasses planting, fertilizing and watering, along with mulching, pest control and the removal of a wide variety of debris and vegetable matter. A water garden presents special challenges, from algae and insect control to the preservation of any aquatic life that has been added.

Rock gardens are becoming an increasingly common feature for individuals in arid climates and those concerned with the environment that desire the beauty of a garden landscape but want to conserve resources. Rock gardens, often referred to as a Zen garden, incorporate rocks and gravel, trees, moss and bushes in stylized landscapes.

Botanic Horticulture helps clients maintain pristine lawns and plantings with the removal of dead and damaged limbs, branches and foliage. New plantings can be installed, weeds removed and the appropriate materials transported to create and maintain any type of garden desired.

Many gardens integrate gazebos and specific viewing areas. The firm provides paving restoration, handyman work and renovations that aid in maintaining gardens in perfect condition for private contemplation or sharing with friends and family. Customized irrigation and lighting installations can be created to highlight garden features and keep them healthy.

At season’s end, a multitude of garden clean-up chores ensue to preserve existing gardens and prepare them for the next growing season. Falling leaves and spent plants must be removed and mulches renewed. Some plants and bulbs require autumn planting for spring blooms. Botanic Horticulture specializes in maintenance services for all types of gardens, from edibles, herbs and flowers to rock and aquatic environments.

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Paving Stones Combine Modern Styling and Old World Charm


Paving stones have a multitude of uses, from residential beautification projects to corporate improvements and public safety. Anston Paving Stones is a premiere provider of pavers for residential, commercial and public usage. The pavers in Melbourne specialize in stones for public places for safety and decorative purposes.

Streetscape paving options include tactile paving stones, surface indicators that provide mobility assistance for the visually impaired as they navigate communities. They’re available in a full range of colors and meet all Australian standards for people with disabilities. Stones are offered to warn of drop offs, grade changes and other hazards.

Tactile stones can be created in varying thicknesses that accommodates new and older streetscapes and are thick enough for vehicle crossovers. The stones are appropriate for foot paths, stairways and intersection crossing where sight-impaired pedestrians may encounter difficulties.

Pavers are available for any type of landscaping or decorative purpose, from beautifying parks and recreational areas to creating benches and focal points. The durability of pavers makes them a favorite with communities for a variety of public places, especially those that receive a significant amount of foot traffic.

The firm also offers pavers for an extensive array of residential and commercial uses. Homeowners can create a garden path, pave a patio and surround their pool with non-slip pool coping for safety. Even older pools can be retrofitted. Pavers offer commercial clients with the ability to create company logos and corporate designs into the approaches to their venues.

Paving stones are available in multiple colors, sizes and textures. Carbon neutral paving products offer consumers an economical means of decorating that’s environmentally friendly. Highly versatile, they provide homeowners and architectural design professionals with a myriad of ways to create aesthetically pleasant surroundings that require little maintenance.

Cobbles can be used for waterline tiles, to provide support for a shifting hillside, or as an overlay for existing concrete to create any type of customized look. Anston Paving Stones offers decorative geometric touches that can be customized in multiple ways, along with light bollards and pebble insert pavers that are appropriate for any location.

Paving stones add interest and an elegant touch to any project. The extensive array of colors and styles allows them to be used as pathways, risers and benches for modern public spaces, while retaining traditional charm for more intimate settings.

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Reasons to try Caravanning

Nova Caravans 1

Caravanning is making a comeback of late and it’s easy to understand why. But before you go out to check out caravans, here are some reasons why you should DEFINITELY try caravanning.

Travel on a Budget

Caravanning allows you to travel on a budget. This is especially true if you are travelling as a family. Booking airplane tickets and accommodations is what takes up most of your travel budget and having your own caravan circumvents all those expenses. The money you save from caravanning can be put to better use by seeing loads of attractions in the places you visit. Costing just a tad bit higher than staying at home, caravanning should be on your list of vacations to try.


Fun for the Family

Seeing new places together while being so physically so close to each other sort of forces a family to bond with each other. Sure you can do this while on holiday somewhere else but there’s just something about the close proximity of being in a tiny caravan that brings the family together. Without the creature comforts of your own home, cooking and other everyday chores suddenly become opportunities to bond and impart knowledge to your kids. Caravanning offers the benefits of camping without actually having to sleep out there in the wild—unless you want to.


Caravanning Can Be Quite Romantic

Couples, young and old, should definitely try caravanning. Being in such close proximity to each other and having only each other to rely on while on the road or on the camp site deepens your bond with your mate. Couples’ Councilors always suggest trying out new things together to keep the romance alive and if you and your partner have an appetite for adventure, caravanning might just be the thing for you to try.


Get to See Beautiful and Amazing Sights

Australia is known all over the world to have beautiful landscape and scenery. What better way to experience the grandeur of your own backyard by road tripping and caravanning? Having your own caravan means that you don’t need to be under any pressure from flight and tour schedules—you get to decide your own trip. You can even decide to sleep anywhere because you’re driving your own accommodations anyway.


Get to Experience Local Attractions and Offerings

One of the best things about caravanning is immersing in the culture and scenery of any place you visit. This includes seeing local attractions, trying out local food offerings and even making your own food from the local farmers market!

To be able to maximize your caravanning experience though, you have to have a reliable caravan. It is crucial to go for a caravan that won’t cause you any problems right in the middle of your trip. For premium quality caravans for an affordable price check out Nova Caravans.