Improve Your Bottom Line With Sunshine

new swimming poolRunning a pool is all about keeping operating costs down, and solar energy is the best way to accomplish low cost commercial pool heating. Solar power is the perfect way to provide high quality, long term pool heating.

Solar technology has been successfully implemented into an array of businesses, and it fits well in the pool industry. Pool water needs to be at a comfortable temperature, which does not always coincide with the climate. Often to raise the temperature, or maintain it, you need an effective system in place.

Why Solar?
Using solar energy in a commercial system is a great way to make a long term investment in your business. The operating costs are far cheaper than other pool heating methods, while still keeping pools warm enough to enjoy more often! You will no longer be deterred by warm days, which will increase your pool’s commercial usage.

It Pays For Itself
Believe it or not, a quality solar heating system is likely to pay for itself after a few years. As this kind of system harnesses heat there is little to no input needed. Also maintenance costs are low because there are very few, if any, moving parts that need upkeep. Solar heating systems kept in use will eventually cover their own costs.

Go Green, To Make Green!
Since there is no use of fossil fuels, allowing you to go green may attract environmentally conscious customers, or take tax advantages that would be otherwise unavailable. You can rest easier, too, knowing your business does not leave a mark on the planet.

Pool covers are the most effective way for a pool to retain its heat. However, covers are suited for keeping heat, far more than they are for adding it. A pool cover is great, but for commercial purposes it is unable to do the job alone – to warm a pool, a cover is be inferior when compared to a heating system.

All in all, the reasons for adding commercial solar pool heating to your system stack up well, and with a good warranty there really are no risks!

Should I Enroll My Child in Driving Lessons

driving-lessons1Parents often ask themselves whether or not they should enroll their children in driving tuition. The simple answer to this question is; yes you should. While you’ve had your license for many years, over time we all develop bad driving habits. Some of these bad habits include neglecting to check your blind spot, not wearing a safety belt, driving with two feet, driving with one hand on the wheel. Further to this driving schools and their instructors are up to date on the safest defensive driving training skills.

When you’re looking at companies that provide driver training programs it is important that you do some research. Talk to other parents; even enquire at your child’s school. Another good option is to short list a few places and go down and talk to them. You will be able to make a better decision once you’ve had a chance to discuss a plan of action with each company. Compare what each driving school offers, costs, and ensure they are a registered company.

When you look at the pros and cons of booking your child for driving lessons the pros far outweigh the cons. About the only real con are the costs that are associated with driver training school. Keep in mind however that once your son or daughter has completed the course you may very well save a lot of money in auto insurance which offsets the costs. The Australian government tracks a number of driving statistics speed and inexperience are two reasons for most auto accidents.

Many parents simply choose a company for their children to document their pre and post PDA hours. In order to successfully qualify for a driver’s license in Australia a driver must be 16 years old, and pass a learner’s permit exam. Once they possess the learners permit they must have documented proof of at least 25 hours driving experience. After a six month period new drivers can apply for the PDA (Practical Driving Assessment). Once successful the driver now possesses a two year provisional license. Once the PDA is successful a new driver can after a six month period take the hazard perception test. Drivers are then required to log another 25 hours before being granted a full drivers license. In total from start to finish a new driver must have documented 170 hours of driving experience with an adult. Hours spent with an instructor while enrolled in driving school can be used toward those requirements.

As you can see the process of achieving a driver’s license has change a lot over the years. The step by step process is an important way of ensuring new drivers in Australia has the necessary skills to be able to operator a motor vehicle safely and confidently.

Kitchens with wow factor

Cabinet-Maker-GreensboroughThomastown, Australia – Dec. 10, 2015 –Total Joinery Supplies is a premier Greensborough cabinet maker and manager Laz Fogas announced that the company has released its Top 10 benefits of employing the talents of a professional joiner for kitchens. The company offers services and innovative solutions for kitchens and bathroom vanities, entertainment and wall units, laundry and linen cabinets, wardrobes, shelving and alfresco joinery.

It’s easy to renew any room with the assistance of a professional joiner. They’re masters of utilizing even an odd and unusual space to its best advantage for convenient and comfortable living. Remodeling, renovating, updating and modernizing are all major projects that shouldn’t be undertaken without the aid of a Greensborough cabinet maker.

The kitchen is a focal point in any home. It’s where family and friends gather to share food, good times, and discuss issues of importance. A user-friendly kitchen design creates warmth and welcome in the room, inviting people to linger.

Total Joinery Supplies released the following Top 10 benefits of utilizing the expertise of a professional joiner.

  1. Clears clutter
  2. More effective use of space
  3. Additional storage areas
  4. Better organization
  5. Greater safety
  6. Improves home value
  7. Makes kitchens more energy efficient
  8. Custom made cabinets for oddly shaped areas
  9. Cabinets reflect the homeowner’s personality
  10. Professional design services

The Greensborough cabinet maker has worked with high-end residential, commercial and business clients to transform structures into efficient, people-friendly areas. The artisans know the properties of various wood types, their best uses, and how heat, air conditioning and environmental factors will affect the durability and aesthetic quality.

Total Joinery Supplies sources materials from some of the most well-known and respected brands in the industry. The company’s professionals have created unique and innovative solutions for clients ranging from minimalistic styles to luxurious sophistication, along with specialised fabrication and fittings installations.

The company maintains offices in multiple locations for customer convenience that includes Greensborough, Bundoora, Thomastown, Diamond Creek and Eltham. The firm provides free no obligation quotes and consumers can request a free brochure. Clients have the benefit of professionals that work with them from the initial concept phase to completed project and who have garnered a reputation for excellence.

For more information, call 0438 577 227 or email

Sell My Business Releases Top 7 Tips to Consider Before Selling a Business

Businesses-for-SaleMelbourne, Australia – Nov. 21, 2015 – Sell My Business is one of Melbourne’s premier business brokerage firms that helps sell your business and owner Jamie Rothnie announced that it has released its Top 7 tips owners should consider before selling their business. Many individuals sell on impulse without proper preparation. The results are businesses that don’t sell at their full potential.

“You need to put as much thought into your exit strategy as you did building the business,” said Rothnie.

Business owners sell for a myriad of reasons, but it should never be done on impulse. It can take up to two years to put a business’s affairs in order and make it attractive to buyers. Those looking for income potential want the ability to quickly access pertinent information and not have the sale thwarted at the last minute by a lack of documentation.

Sell My Business offers DIY business sales and provided the following Top 7 tips to consider before selling any business.

  1. Is it ready to sell – have documentation to support profitability, assets and any liabilities
  2. What will the buyer see – family owned businesses need to pay particular care with tax write offs items that will make the business appear less profitable, from association fees to company provided vehicles
  3. What assistance will be needed – most business owners will need the services of a financier, accountant, attorney, appraiser and business broker
  4. Is now a good time – don’t wait until the business is in decline, has lost its customer base or demand has dropped from the market
  5. Can the business adapt – technology changes quickly and those that can’t or don’t adjust to those changes should sell before buyers pass it by in favor of those with modernization
  6. Define deal breakers – make it clear which, if any, intellectual properties and other rights are retained by the current owner
  7. Will the business survive without the present owner – buyers want to know that the enterprise they acquire can operate without the need for the current owner

Sell My Business offers DIY business sales, lists clients businesses on the top seven ranked selling sites and in its comprehensive database of buyers. Valuations, market research and documentation are provided for clients selling their business. The DIY brokerage firm provides the extensive array of services to facilitate sales for maximum benefit.

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About Sell My Business

Sell My Business is a leading Melbourne business broker, offering multiple services for clients who want to sell their business. Affordable pricing and confidentiality are hallmarks of the firm.


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Pest Control Melbourne Debunks Myths and Fallacies About Termites

termiteMelbourne, Australia – Nov. 7, 2015 – Pest control Melbourne is a full-time endeavor for Everyday Pest Control. The company provides cost effective prevention and treatment options for all Melbourne pests. A number of fallacies about termites exist and the firm is providing property owners with essential information about the Top 5 myths concerning the insects.

Termites live in colonies that can be located in basements, structures and the soil. They may live in nearby soil and simply come to structures to dine. They’re efficient commuters, building elaborate and extensive tunnel systems between their nest and primary food source. They perform an important function in the wild, breaking down decaying and decomposing wood that enriches the soil.

The most dangerous myth associated with termites is that property owners with brick structures don’t need to worry about the insects. It doesn’t matter whether the exterior is brick, concrete, stucco or vinyl. The inside framework is typically wood, providing a prime dining experience for termites.

Many people mistakenly believe that treating a home during the construction process provides indefinite protection. A variety of variables affect the length of protection. Everyday Pest Control utilizes Altriset®, a unique termiticide that offers the longest acting protection against termites. It begins working quickly, can protect structures for up to nine years, and is safe for people and pets.

In an effort to deter termites, some people maintain a small pile of mulch, wood or decaying vegetation in the mistaken belief that termites will automatically gravitate to the decomposing material. Termites are constantly seeking new food sources and will find the distance between the mulch and a structure an easy commute.

People often believe that termites can destroy a home in as little as two weeks. A hive of 300,000 termites infesting a home typically destroys 22 feet of wood per year. Termites persevere and noticeable damage can take years to become apparent. It would require several months for even the largest and most aggressive colony to ruin a structure.

One of the most prevalent myths about termites is that they only occur in warm climates. The only place where the insects haven’t been found is Antarctica. Termites don’t like freezing temperatures, but they’re efficient foragers and burrowers moving further down in the soil or closer to heat sources when needed.

Everyday Pest Control Melbourne offers multiple solutions to address termite infestations and those of other undesirable insects. The company combines fast and reliable service with free estimates and no obligation quotes to help individuals make informed decisions about their pest control needs.

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Lachie Anderson Landscapes Provides Aquatic-Based Focal Points

AAA01-LALD_Emerald_30Melbourne, Australia – Nov. 11, 2015 – Lachie Anderson Landscapes is a premiere firm providing an extensive array of services for commercial and residential clients. The garden designer Melbourne offers a full complement of services to provide design, construction and installation for any landscape desire.

“More clients are availing themselves of landscape designs that incorporate water-related features and focal points,” said Lachie Anderson Landscape director, Lachie Anderson. “Even small installations and features can have a major impact on surroundings.”

People are aware of the benefits of aquatic features in landscape design and choosing to incorporate them in projects. Fountains, falls and ponds provide a relaxing and tranquil effect on the psyche that’s rejuvenating. Lachie Anderson works with multiple types of water-based landscape features and focal points that can be installed that are also resource efficient for drought-prone areas and those with little rainfall.

Reflection pools can be placed virtually anywhere and they don’t have to be large or elaborate to have the desired effect. Specialised plantings in and around pools can be incorporated with natural rock, stone and pathways. Reflection pools can be constructed in innovative shapes, separated by walkways or designed to run gently over decorative rocks.

Waterfall opportunities present unlimited options for variety and soothing sounds. From rock walls of river stone and tiered tiles to urns of graduated sizes, waterfalls create interest and require little space. They can be scaled to accommodate a wide variety of spaces. Entire coloured lighting schemes can be established, along with accent lighting.

Ponds can support plant life, ornamental fish, and be combined with fountains and bubblers, statuary, stepping stones and waterfalls. The garden design Melbourne firm can tuck them away in small corners or provide construction to occupy large areas. Ponds can be constructed in ways that mimic naturally occurring features, in unique designs, and at ground level or sunken levels.

Ponds, pools and waterfalls can be paired with a custom creeks or birdbaths. Both add extra interest and an essential source of water for bird species. Wall-hanging waterfalls provide a solution in locations with limited space and waterfalls that imitate a rain shower are decorative options. Aquatic features can be as sophisticated or informal as the client desires.

Lachie Anderson Landscapes provides creative aquatic features for residential and commercial ventures. The garden design Melbourne firm offers design, construction and maintenance of new projects and renovations of existing landscapes for a fresh look in any season.

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About Lachie Anderson Landscapes

Lachie Anderson Landscapes is a design and construction service catering to all tastes. The firm offers a variety of services that include construction, paving and lighting, brickwork, irrigation and drainage, electrical work, ponds, plantings and pergolas, along with feature walls and garden maintenance.

RV Wifi has advantage over satellite phone

Single-unitThe Internet keeps individuals connected virtually anywhere in the world and the routers and software available through RV Wi-Fi enables those with recreational vehicles to live a connected lifestyle on the road. Designed specifically for use by those with caravans and motorhomes, the routers and software offered by the firm has multiple advantages over traditional satellite connections.
Wi-Fi offers a significant improvement over satellite connections,” said Ross Irvine, owner of RV Wi-Fi. “The cost of hooking to a network at a campground or park can cost up to $2 per minute, you only have access while you’re there, and then there are all those annoying chargers and cords to manage.”

RV Wi-Fi
t| 0435 751 240

Safe tree removal by Oz Tree Services

Slider-2Oz Tree Services is a premiere removal and trimming company featuring qualified arborist tree removal for home, business and commercial clients. The company’s owner, Simon Lamb, provides free estimates and serves suburbs throughout the Greater Melbourne area.
“Trees may need to be removed for a number of reasons,” said Lamb. “They can become diseased, unstable, pose a problem with utilities or present a hazard to people and property.”
Tree removal is a dangerous process and must be accomplished with precision and by small increments to prevent it from becoming a danger to people and damaging surrounding structures and plantings. Before removing any tree, an assessment by the tree doctor at Oz Tree Services is critical. Depending upon the situation, judicial trimming and lopping may be performed to save the tree and avoid removal.

Call Oz Tree Services now on 1300 900 595 for you free no obligation quote

Fibreglass Filtration Systems Offer Environmental Bonuses

indexA fibreglass pool filter utilize sand to filter water for swimming pools and spas. They’re efficient, effective and use nature’s natural filtration material to keep pools and spas sparkling clean and healthy. Discount Pool Shop offers different sizes of Aquatek sand-based fibreglass filters to meet a variety of needs.

The filters employ silica sand, one of the most common substances in the world. Silica sand is utilized in the glass making process, for moulds and castings, and provides superior filtration properties for pools and spas. It’s widely available, inexpensive and is commonly used in municipal filtration plants to supply potable drinking water to residents in cosmopolitan locations.
In a sand-based fibreglass filtration system, water is forced through the filter. The sand traps contaminants and foreign matter, and the cleaned water is returned to the pool. When it becomes necessary to clean the filter, the flow of water is reversed in a process known as backwashing. The cleaned sand is rinsed, packed back into the fibreglass filter and continues to perform its normal function.

The firm’s fibreglass filters feature a sight glass that allows individuals to monitor the water for cleaning and to ensure the backwashing process was performed properly. Aquatek filters are specifically developed and designed to withstand harsh climatic conditions and cold European winters. They’re compact, lightweight and feature 360-degree rotation for convenience.

Fibreglass filters are appropriate for use with in-ground, above ground and solar heated pools. The filters hinder the growth of bacteria, a major concern for pools and spas that see a lot of use throughout the season. They typically don’t have to be cleaned as often as other types and the sand can provide exemplary service for up to five years before any material must be added.
The sand contained in a fibreglass filter acts as a strainer and is one of the most environmentally conscious solutions available. Sand is a filtering medium that’s been recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a superior method for filtering surface water, calling it the cheapest, simplest and most efficient method for treating water. In homes and businesses, the fibreglass sand-based filters offer economy, savings and a method that’s earth-friendly.
For more information, call Simon Mauger at 03 9712 0723.

Paving Stones Combine Modern Styling and Old World Charm


Paving stones have a multitude of uses, from residential beautification projects to corporate improvements and public safety. Anston Paving Stones is a premiere provider of pavers for residential, commercial and public usage. The pavers in Melbourne specialize in stones for public places for safety and decorative purposes.

Streetscape paving options include tactile paving stones, surface indicators that provide mobility assistance for the visually impaired as they navigate communities. They’re available in a full range of colors and meet all Australian standards for people with disabilities. Stones are offered to warn of drop offs, grade changes and other hazards.

Tactile stones can be created in varying thicknesses that accommodates new and older streetscapes and are thick enough for vehicle crossovers. The stones are appropriate for foot paths, stairways and intersection crossing where sight-impaired pedestrians may encounter difficulties.

Pavers are available for any type of landscaping or decorative purpose, from beautifying parks and recreational areas to creating benches and focal points. The durability of pavers makes them a favorite with communities for a variety of public places, especially those that receive a significant amount of foot traffic.

The firm also offers pavers for an extensive array of residential and commercial uses. Homeowners can create a garden path, pave a patio and surround their pool with non-slip pool coping for safety. Even older pools can be retrofitted. Pavers offer commercial clients with the ability to create company logos and corporate designs into the approaches to their venues.

Paving stones are available in multiple colors, sizes and textures. Carbon neutral paving products offer consumers an economical means of decorating that’s environmentally friendly. Highly versatile, they provide homeowners and architectural design professionals with a myriad of ways to create aesthetically pleasant surroundings that require little maintenance.

Cobbles can be used for waterline tiles, to provide support for a shifting hillside, or as an overlay for existing concrete to create any type of customized look. Anston Paving Stones offers decorative geometric touches that can be customized in multiple ways, along with light bollards and pebble insert pavers that are appropriate for any location.

Paving stones add interest and an elegant touch to any project. The extensive array of colors and styles allows them to be used as pathways, risers and benches for modern public spaces, while retaining traditional charm for more intimate settings.

For more information or to book a consultation, call 1300 788 694.