Wall-Mounted Basketball Goals Provide Multiple Benefits

For those considering installing basketball equipment, there are distinct advantages to wall-mounted basketball hoops. They’re typically less expensive, can be fixed to the wall of almost any garage, can be easily removed if necessary, and transform any driveway into an impromptu basketball court.

Wall-mounted basketball hoops with nets were instrumental in advancing and popularizing the sport. When the game was first introduced in 1891, a soccer-type ball was used and the “hoop” was a bushel basket nailed to a wall. One of the primary drawbacks was that the baskets had bottoms and players had to go retrieve the ball each time they made a basket.

Designed as a winter training and fitness routine for athletes in cold climates, the game was also developed as an alternative to football in which individuals routinely sustained serious injuries. Many parents and schools embraced the sport as a safe alternative and companies began manufacturing equipment for home use.

Basketball goals are often referred to by fans simply as basketball hoops, hoops, or backboards. The highly portable, wall-mounted goals can easily be affixed to a garage wall, turning any driveway into an instant basketball court. The basketball goals can be removed if necessary and they don’t require additional posts or any other framework that must be cemented into the ground.

Providing that the wall-mounted basketball goal is sufficiently anchored, slam dunks are possible and breakaway rims are available that reduce instances of bending the rim or breaking the backboard. They place the goals up out of the way and are considered more visually attractive. They can also be mounted indoors within gyms, fitness centers, schools and activity centers.

An additional benefit of wall-mounted basketball rings is that they provide players with a more solid foundation that makes ball response more consistent. Many models allow for adjustments in rim height, angle, and they’re available in multiple materials ranging from acrylic, aluminum and fiberglass to polycarbonate, steel and tempered glass in clear and smoky options.

Multiple backboard shapes on wall-mounted basketball goals appeal to a wide range of preferences and they’re available in several sizes to accommodate space limitations that may arise. They provide an easy and affordable way to enjoy a game with friends anytime it’s convenient.

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