Self-Adhesive Labels Provide Solutions for the Modern World

The invention of self-adhesive labels not only made filing and organization infinitely easier without the need to moisten or apply glue to the back of labels, it also opened up a whole new world of creative possibilities. Also known as pressure-sensitive labels in some areas, they’re available in multiple shapes, sizes and colors, including fluorescents, gloss white inkjet labels and glow-in-the-dark.

Self-stick labels are also offered in foil, pastels, brown kraft and weather-proof vinyl. Self-adhesive labels are budget-friendly, work in inkjet and laser printers, and come in standard-sized sheets to accommodate a wide range of needs and projects. Individuals can select from a sheet with a single label or dozens of labels per page, offering an ideal solution for multiple applications.

The possibilities available with self-adhesive blank printing labels are endless in the workspace, on the go, at home and for craft projects. In the office they can quickly be applied to file folders, on advertising and marketing materials, and used as quick shipping labels. They require no special expertise or knowledge to use and can be utilized in an extensive number of printers.

Sticker labels have been used in the commercial food and beverage industry for years and they’re equally appropriate for home canning and food preservation. They’re especially popular with entrepreneurs operating home-based businesses to label products ranging from cosmetics to homemade candles, along with craft beers and spirits and nursery plants and seeds.

Versatility is a hallmark of self-adhesive poly laser labels. Easy to apply and durable, they add shelf appeal to products and form long-lasting bonds with the materials to which they’re adhered. They print quickly for improved productivity and can survive heat and bumps during packing and transit without ripping or tearing. Self-adhesive labels adapt themselves to the surface on which they’re placed, such as textured and curved surfaces.

Self-adhesive labels provide anyone with convenience, efficiency and versatility that require no special equipment or knowledge to utilize. They’re effective for color coding, traditional organizational tasks, and specialty projects. Their moisture resistance makes them ideal for products in deep freeze or refrigerated environments. Self-adhesive labels are also effective for preventing tampering since they can’t be removed or altered without being damaged.

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