Pest Control Melbourne Debunks Myths and Fallacies About Termites

termiteMelbourne, Australia – Nov. 7, 2015 – Pest control Melbourne is a full-time endeavor for Everyday Pest Control. The company provides cost effective prevention and treatment options for all Melbourne pests. A number of fallacies about termites exist and the firm is providing property owners with essential information about the Top 5 myths concerning the insects.

Termites live in colonies that can be located in basements, structures and the soil. They may live in nearby soil and simply come to structures to dine. They’re efficient commuters, building elaborate and extensive tunnel systems between their nest and primary food source. They perform an important function in the wild, breaking down decaying and decomposing wood that enriches the soil.

The most dangerous myth associated with termites is that property owners with brick structures don’t need to worry about the insects. It doesn’t matter whether the exterior is brick, concrete, stucco or vinyl. The inside framework is typically wood, providing a prime dining experience for termites.

Many people mistakenly believe that treating a home during the construction process provides indefinite protection. A variety of variables affect the length of protection. Everyday Pest Control utilizes Altriset®, a unique termiticide that offers the longest acting protection against termites. It begins working quickly, can protect structures for up to nine years, and is safe for people and pets.

In an effort to deter termites, some people maintain a small pile of mulch, wood or decaying vegetation in the mistaken belief that termites will automatically gravitate to the decomposing material. Termites are constantly seeking new food sources and will find the distance between the mulch and a structure an easy commute.

People often believe that termites can destroy a home in as little as two weeks. A hive of 300,000 termites infesting a home typically destroys 22 feet of wood per year. Termites persevere and noticeable damage can take years to become apparent. It would require several months for even the largest and most aggressive colony to ruin a structure.

One of the most prevalent myths about termites is that they only occur in warm climates. The only place where the insects haven’t been found is Antarctica. Termites don’t like freezing temperatures, but they’re efficient foragers and burrowers moving further down in the soil or closer to heat sources when needed.

Everyday Pest Control Melbourne offers multiple solutions to address termite infestations and those of other undesirable insects. The company combines fast and reliable service with free estimates and no obligation quotes to help individuals make informed decisions about their pest control needs.

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