Lachie Anderson Landscapes Provides Aquatic-Based Focal Points

AAA01-LALD_Emerald_30Melbourne, Australia – Nov. 11, 2015 – Lachie Anderson Landscapes is a premiere firm providing an extensive array of services for commercial and residential clients. The garden designer Melbourne offers a full complement of services to provide design, construction and installation for any landscape desire.

“More clients are availing themselves of landscape designs that incorporate water-related features and focal points,” said Lachie Anderson Landscape director, Lachie Anderson. “Even small installations and features can have a major impact on surroundings.”

People are aware of the benefits of aquatic features in landscape design and choosing to incorporate them in projects. Fountains, falls and ponds provide a relaxing and tranquil effect on the psyche that’s rejuvenating. Lachie Anderson works with multiple types of water-based landscape features and focal points that can be installed that are also resource efficient for drought-prone areas and those with little rainfall.

Reflection pools can be placed virtually anywhere and they don’t have to be large or elaborate to have the desired effect. Specialised plantings in and around pools can be incorporated with natural rock, stone and pathways. Reflection pools can be constructed in innovative shapes, separated by walkways or designed to run gently over decorative rocks.

Waterfall opportunities present unlimited options for variety and soothing sounds. From rock walls of river stone and tiered tiles to urns of graduated sizes, waterfalls create interest and require little space. They can be scaled to accommodate a wide variety of spaces. Entire coloured lighting schemes can be established, along with accent lighting.

Ponds can support plant life, ornamental fish, and be combined with fountains and bubblers, statuary, stepping stones and waterfalls. The garden design Melbourne firm can tuck them away in small corners or provide construction to occupy large areas. Ponds can be constructed in ways that mimic naturally occurring features, in unique designs, and at ground level or sunken levels.

Ponds, pools and waterfalls can be paired with a custom creeks or birdbaths. Both add extra interest and an essential source of water for bird species. Wall-hanging waterfalls provide a solution in locations with limited space and waterfalls that imitate a rain shower are decorative options. Aquatic features can be as sophisticated or informal as the client desires.

Lachie Anderson Landscapes provides creative aquatic features for residential and commercial ventures. The garden design Melbourne firm offers design, construction and maintenance of new projects and renovations of existing landscapes for a fresh look in any season.

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Lachie Anderson Landscapes is a design and construction service catering to all tastes. The firm offers a variety of services that include construction, paving and lighting, brickwork, irrigation and drainage, electrical work, ponds, plantings and pergolas, along with feature walls and garden maintenance.

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